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Three Years of Packrafting

It is now three years ago that I decided to buy a sturdy and inflatable packable raft, also known as packraft. Truth be said, these things are not cheap, so it was a bit of an investment. The question therefore is, was it worth it?

Well, even though I am not overly adventurous and have not been using my raft on whitewater very much, I have been using it quite a bit on lakes and still water, in a variety of countries. So, I definitely do not regret my purchase, since it has brought me to places I would not easily have been able to go to otherwise, and since it has allowed me to enjoy nature in a completely different manner than before!

The furthest I have paddled on flowing water in one day is the 32 km from Vallon-Pont-d’Arc to Sauze on the Ardèche river. The furthest on still water are the recent 23 km on Zuidlede and Moervaart. The time I regretted most not to have taken my packraft was during our family trip to Denmark, Sweden and Finland in 2016, since I could easily have seen myself paddling parts of Lake Vättern, the Stockholm and Turku Archipelagos, and Copenhagen’s Nyhavn.

Anyway, below is an overview of the places I have so far explored by packraft (sometimes more than once). In most cases a video is available, in some cases unfortunately only photos.


Leie – Old branch in Astene:

Leie – From Astene to Sint-Martens-Latem:

Leie – From Sint-Martens-Latem to Baarle:

Leie – From Sint-Martens-Latem to Ringvaart:

Ghent waterways (Leie, Lieve, Ketelvaart, Schelde, Coupure):

Zuidlede & Moervaart – From Stenenbrug to Kalvebrug:

Dommel – From Neerpelt to Valkenswaard:

Lac de Nisramont (Spring):

Lac de Nisramont (Fall):


La Mauricie NP – Across Lac Wapizagonke to Waber Falls:

La Mauricie NP – From Lac Soumire to Lac Dauphinais:


Rogen NP – From Käringsjön to Skedbrostugan


Femundsmarka NP – Røa waterway:


Femundsmarka NP – Grøtåa:



Basses Gorges du Verdon – From Quinson to Lac d’Esparron:

Gorges de l’Ardèche – From Vallon-Pont-d’Arc to Sauze:



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Packrafting Zuidlede & Moervaart

Zuidlede is a 15 km creek that flows through a largely unspoiled pastoral and forested landscape in the province of East Flanders, Belgium. In fact, Zuidlede is the original upper section of the Durme river. Around 1300 AD a canal named Moervaart (22.5 km; also sometimes referred to as Noordlede) was dug to bypass the narrow and meandering Zuidlede. Both Zuidlede and Moervaart have now lost their economic significance and are used for recreational purposes only.

On a pleasant Sunday morning I start paddling Zuidlede around 9:30am at Stenenbrug in the direction of Mendonk (i.e. west). After a scenic journey through woods and agricultural lands, I end up at the Moervaart canal and paddle northeast to Kalve bridge, passing Overlede bridge in the process. Both are old iron drawbridges that are protected by law, just as the natural scenery around them. After lunch I paddle the entire stretch back to where I came from, adding up to a total of no less than 23.1 km, which is the furthest I have ever paddled on still water during the course of one single day. I return around 4:30pm after a very pleasant day, with many sightings of bird species such as blue heron, black cormorant, great crested grebe, coot and moorhen.

A couple of remarks:

  • The section of Zuidlede east of Stenenbrug is probably equally scenic, but passage is not allowed here from April 1 until June 30 due to the breeding season.
  • At the moment of writing there is no public jetty at Kalvebrug. The jetty at the Kalvebrug canoe rental is private property and cannot be used. The shop attendant is rather strict about this.
  • There are a number of public jetties along Zuidlede where it runs through the Puyenbroeck Provincial Park.
  • The bridges at Stenenbrug and Puyenbrug are quite low. Depending on water levels one may have to stop paddling, lie back and push one’s hands onto the ceiling to proceed (as I did).














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Packrafting the Ghent Waterways

On Whit Monday I make a 14 km trip by packraft in and around the historical center of Ghent. I paddle parts of the Leie, Lieve, Ketelvaart, Schelde and Coupure waterways and pass by sights such as Graslei, Gravensteen, Rabot, Kraanlei and Geeraard de Duivelsteen.

Especially interesting are a couple of hundred meters through the darkish vaults below Laurentplein that lead to Reep. Eventually, when the currently ongoing works will have finished, Reep will again become connected to Portus Ganda (as it used to many years ago), which will open possibilities for more convenient tours of the city by water.














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Packrafting Oude Leie at Sunset

On a warm evening after work I head to the nearby Oude Leie in Astene (Deinze) for a “sundowner” packrafting cruise.

The Oude Leie is a 4.7 km meander that got separated from the main river in 1861/62. Since then it has remainded largely untouched and now offers a fine natural habitat with clean water and a good stock of fish.

One interesting feature is the small tow ferry named “Bathio” that allows people to get from Deinze to the outdoor swimming facilities at Vosselare Put.












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Packrafting Leie and Ringvaart

On an absolutely gorgeous Sunday in May I make an 18 km packrafting trip on the river Leie. I start at the public jetty in Sint-Martens-Latem and paddle downstream to the 3 Leien. Here I take the old branch of the river that leads to the monumental historic abbey of Drongen. Subsequently follows a stretch over the Ringvaart canal in order to rejoin the actual Leie at Krommeham. Finally, it goes via Afsnee and its early medieval church back to the 3 Leien and Sint-Martens-Latem.

I do the first 15 km in the morning (starting at 9:30 and returning at 13:30) and meet my family for a picnic at the picturesque site around the Latem jetty and 17th / 18th century Tempelhof. In the afternoon I do the remaining 3 km with no real purpose except for enjoying the gentle waters and posh pleasure yachts…







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Packrafting the Dommel on All Saints Day

The Dommel is a small river that has its source in Belgium and flows into the river Meuse in the Netherlands. The section between Neerpelt (B) and Valkenswaard (NL) meanders nicely through a largely untouched landscape and is therefore popular for canoeing during the summer season.

As the weather on All Saints Day is forecast to be quite pleasant, I decide to descend the Dommel by packraft, from the outskirts of Neerpelt to the Venberg water mill south of Valkenswaard.

I start packrafting just before 10 am and after having arrived at the water mill, swiftly head back on foot in order to make it back before dark. The return hike is quite enjoyable as I pass through 3 nature reserves: Malpie, Plateaux and Hageven. I eventually get back well before dark at 4:30 pm, with 30+ km of distance covered, packrafting and hiking combined.

The weather is indeed as pleasant as expected as it gradually becomes sunny and warm after a cloudy start. I do not meet anyone during the entire river descent, and also during the return hike things are generally very quiet.