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Corsica 2019: Videos


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Snorkeling in Istria

During a family holiday in Istria (Croatia) we head out by speed boat to a number of islets off the coast nearby the town of Rovinj, for some easy snorkeling.

We first anchor at the islet that is named Sveti Ivan na Pučini. It has a lighthouse from 1853 and lies furthest out into the Adriatic of all islands in the Rovinj archipelago.

Second stop is the Banjol islet that has a number of submerged caves, which require scuba diving equipment to visit. There is however also one cave that is only partly under water and is therefore easily accessible by all.

Last stop is the Figarola islet that has a sandy beach, a rather uncommon sight in these parts. We take the opportunity to not only snorkel, but also make a couple of dives into the water from the bow of the boat.

In general we encounter plenty of schools of smaller fish (mostly subspecies of bream), hermit crayfish, mollusk, sea cucumber and sea urchin. Quite nice, but of course no comparison to earlier experiences in the Red Sea and Great Barrier Reef, in 2001 and 2009 respectively. That was however long before the action cam era, so I unfortunately have no video footage hereof.