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Norway 2004: Sápmi

Late March 2004, I took part in an organized multi-adventure trip to Namsskogan in Central Norway, a region that is culturally part of Sápmi (Lapland). The trip offered a lot of variation in terms of activities (snowshoeing, dogsledding, ice fishing, …) and in fact also weather, transitioning from sunny and calm to snowy and blustery.

I recently came across my pictures of this trip and decided to create a story, largely off the top of my head, from recollection.

Report > Norway 2004: Sápmi

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France 2020: High Vosges

Unfortunately, no Scandinavian trekking adventures this year, but mid-September I try to make up somewhat by embarking on a solo trekking tour of the High Vosges mountains. In the end, I hike a total of 165 km and climb a good 7,200 m in the scope of 6.5 days.

Although one wouldn’t judge from the pictures below, the tour is complicated by unseasonable temperatures soaring to 25°C and a severe lack of water sources. With a bit of effort, I however manage to conclude the trek in full autonomy, only using natural water sources and bivouacking in the midst of the woods every night.

Mid-September marks the start of the rutting season for deer, and on one night in particular this becomes very apparent when at least 3 male deer in the vicinity of my tent fill the night with deafening belling sounds and short one-to-one antler battles.

As usual, a full report will follow in due time.

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Scandinavia 2019: Reports

It’s almost been one year, but I finally managed to get all 4 reports ready of last year’s early-season hiking / packrafting trip to Scandinavia: