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Scandinavia 2019: Reports

It’s almost been one year, but I finally managed to get all 4 reports ready of last year’s early-season hiking / packrafting trip to Scandinavia:





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Packrafting 2019: Videos

Here’s an overview of all the packrafting videos that I produced in 2019.

It turns out that I did at least one trip every single month of the year, except for the month of May, for some unclear reason.

In addition to the trips below, I also paddled the river Leie in August and the river IJzer in December, but of these trips I do not have video footage.






No trips!








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Norway 2019

Mid-September 2019: I travel north for the third time this year, in pursuit of late season packrafting and hiking opportunities.

My first travel up north this year was a road trip to Iceland in April with the family, and the second a 2-week solo hiking / packrafting trip, which mainly took place in Sweden. For the September trip, I originally have 2 river descents in mind in Norway, i.e. Mistra in Rendalen and Grimsa in Rondane. However, thanks to inviting weather, I ultimately trade in the second river descent for some rather intense mountain hiking in the fjells of western Norway, with interesting early winter conditions at higher elevations. In the end, I travel a total of 235 km on foot and by packraft, in the scope of 11 days.

Here’s a short overview of what I did:

  • Rendalen (78 km; 3.5 days)
    • Descent of the Mistra river from Nordre Mistsjøen to Søre Mistsjøen by packraft
    • Return hike via Sandbu and Sølenskardet to Fiskevollen
  • Gutulia (11 km; 1 day)
    • Exploration on foot of the old farmhouses and nature in Norway’s smallest national park
  • Dovrefjell (63 km; 3 days)
    • Hiking amidst autumn foliage, musk oxen and early snow
    • Grønbakken – Reinheim – Åmotdalshytta – Snøheim – Grønbakken
  • Trollheimen (58 km; 2.5 days)
    • Hiking amidst autumn foliage, alpine scenery and early snow
    • Gjevilvasshytta – Trollheimshytta – Vassendsetra – Gjevilvasshytta
  • Innerdalen (25 km; 1 day)
    • More hiking amidst autumn foliage and alpine scenery
    • Renndølssetra – Snekkardalen – Bjøråskaret – Renndølssetra

Overall, an absolutely amazing trip, with cold but fine weather, including 7 straight days of sunshine! Full-blown reports with pictures will follow in due time. Below are just some pictures of the places where I spent the night.












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Scandinavia 2019: Videos

Footage of some highlights of this year’s 8 day, 140 km solo hiking and packrafting trip through the Långfjället, Rogen and Femundsmarka wilderness areas in the Swedish & Norwegian borderlands.

The first video covers about 2.5 days of the Swedish part of the trip. In order to give a feel of the serene atmosphere and solitude of the trip, I deliberately kept the original sound and did not overlay it with music.

The second video was taken during a paddle under windless conditions at 10:30 pm on remote lake Krokathåen, in Norway’s Femundsmarka NP:

Bear in mind that on a trip such as this, I unfortunately never give a lot of priority to shooting video footage, since there is also nagivation, taking pictures, paddling and hiking to be taken care of… The videos are therefore not a comprehensive nor accurate representation.