Filip H.A. Claeys

Trekking in Mountainous and Subarctic Regions


An overview of the river stretches, lakes, … that I have packrafted so far:


  • Leie: From Astene to Sint-Martens-Latem
  • Leie: From Sint-Martens-Latem to Krommeham
  • Leie: From 3 Leien to Ringvaart Gent
  • Leie: Ghent city center
  • Leie: Oude Leie in Astene
  • Ringvaart Gent: From Drongen to Krommeham
  • Dommel: From Neerpelt to Valkenswaard
  • Yzer: From Roesbrugge to Fintele
  • Yzer: From Roesbrugge to French border
  • Zuidlede: From Stenenbrug to Mendonk
  • Moervaart: From Mendonk to Kalvebrug
  • Semois: From Chassepierre to Linglé
  • Ourthe Orientale: From Houffalize to Lac de Nisramont
  • Ourthe Occidentale: From Berguèmes to Lac de Nisramont
  • Lac de Nisramont
  • Houille: From Vencimont to Felenne


  • Ardèche: From Vallon-Pont-d’Arc to Sauze
  • Basses Gorges du Verdon: From Quinson to Lac d’Esparron
  • Marais Audomarois


  • Lim Fjord: From Vrsar to the bottom of Lim Fjord


  • Rendalen: Sølna from Storlegda bridge to Sølensjøen
  • Rendalen: Arasjøen
  • Rondane: Atna from Frekmyr to Straumbu
  • Femundsmarka: Grøtåa from Lake Grötvallsjön to a bit beyond Norwegian border
  • Femundsmarka: Lake Nedre Roasten
  • Femundsmarka: Røa waterway from Møllerbua to Storrundhåen


  • Femundsmarka: Grøtåa from Lake Grötvallsjön to a bit beyond Norwegian border
  • Rogen: From Lake Käringsjön to Skredbrostugan


  • La Mauricie: From Wapizagonke parking to Waber Falls
  • La Mauricie: From Lac Soumire to Lac Dauphinais