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Flemish Ardennes: Panorama route

One positive effect of the cool and showery weather that we have recently experienced, are the highly dynamic and photographically interesting skies. One Sunday afternoon, I therefore again decide to hike the “Panorama route” in the Flemish Ardennes, starting from the tavern on top of the Hotond hill. This route is one of my favorites and is 16 km with a total of 364 m of height difference. It is therefore good physical exercise.

Belgium 2021-05-16: Panorama route

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Flemish Ardennes: Panorama route

Autumn foliage having reached its peak I make another splendid hike through the Flemish Ardennes. This time I opt for the Panorama route between Kwaremont and Zulzeke, and extend it with a detour to Scherpenberg.

The hike is about 18.5 km, involves many short climbs, and among other passes Hotondberg, which with a whopping 145 m,  is the highest hill in the province of East Flanders.

Conditions for photography are excellent with a slight haze during the cold morning hours, and brilliant sunshine and sharp-lined clouds for the remainder of the day.

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