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Quebec 2016: Charlevoix & La Mauricie

Although I have already made several individual posts about the outdoor weekend activities of September 2016’s business stay in Quebec, I have now also written up a full report:







Quebec 2016: Charlevoix – bis

Winter is coming, and it is coming fast, at least in Quebec’s Charlevoix mountains.

I spend the first day of my last weekend in Quebec in the Grands Jardins provincial park. Although the day is generally sunny, daytime temperature on the Charlevoix heights is only around 5°C. There’s a cold northerly wind blowing and snow flurries come in every once and a while. Indeed, summer is over and winter is on its way…

I first hike up to Mont du Lac des Cygnes and return via the Le Pioui trail. I get to see a beautiful fox from up close, and enjoy the display of autumn color. There’s still quite a bit of green at lower elevations, but higher up intense yellow and reddish colors are clearly starting to appear.

In the afternoon I also hike the La Pinède trail in the vicinity of the Château Beaumont cabin. In this area there are thick carpets of moss that have given the park its name.

By 5 PM temperature has sunk to a mere 2°C and a new load of snow flurries seems to be coming in. I therefore call it a day and return to Quebec City where temperature is about 8 degrees higher.

Pictures > Quebec 2016-09-24: Charlevoix






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Quebec 2016: Charlevoix

I spend the second day of the Labour Day weekend in the provincial park of Les-Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie, which is located in the Charlevoix region north of Quebec City. In this park the Malbaie river cuts deeply into the Charlevoix mountains, of which the highest summits just about reach into the arctic zone.

I first do the Acropole des Draveurs hike, which is probably the most alpine among the easily accessible hikes in Quebec. Over a distance of merely 5.2 km it steeply climbs about 800 m from the valley floor onto a plateau with 3 distinct summits. Views into the river valley and onto the surrounding mountains are quite impressive. I manage to do the climb in approximately 1.5 hours and need 45 minutes to descend.

In the afternoon I hike part of Sentier Les Rapides to Barrage des Érables, followed by Sentier du Belvédère. Finally, I hike part of the track along the river to the lookout of La Vallée Suspendue.

In the high season cars cannot be taken into the park. There is however a shuttle system that uses school buses. When I was here in June 2012, high season had not yet begun and I could take my car all the way to Barrage des Érables.

Pictures > Quebec 2016-09-04: Charlevoix