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Trekking in Mountainous and Subarctic Regions

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Quebec 2016: Charlevoix & La Mauricie

Although I have already made several individual posts about the outdoor weekend activities of September 2016’s business stay in Quebec, I have now also written up a full report:






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Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure

The Eau d’Heure lake system sits on the border between the Belgian provinces of Hainaut and Namur, and is the result of damming the little river by the same name.

Now that spring has officially arrived, I decide to join the Lustige Lochtingterters on a 18 km circumvention of the largest lake in the system. The weather is brilliantly sunny, and the lake’s deep blue to turquoise waters induce visions of Scandinavia and far-away tropical destinations …

Pictures > Belgium 2017-03-25: Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure

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Seeing off 2016 in Hochsauerland

2016 has been a pretty intense year: I spent a total of 15 weeks abroad, for business and pleasure combined.

The year started with a business trip to Hørsholm (Denmark) in February, followed in April by a skiing holiday in Tignes (France) and a business trip to Girona (Spain). In May I made a short trek through the French Ardennes, and in June I subsequently went trekking through the Rogen (Sweden), Trollheimen (Norway) and Rondane (Norway) mountains. End of June I made a business trip to Aarhus (Denmark) and in July we had a family holiday in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. End of August I did the Hellismannaleið and Laugavegurinn treks in Iceland, and the entire month of September was spent in Quebec for business. In November / December I made another 2 business trips to Aarhus (Denmark), and finally, at the very end of December we had a short family holiday in Hochsauerland.

The region of Hochsauerland around the well-known wintersports resort of Winterberg is mostly made up of dark forests and gentle hills in the 700-800 m range. Highest summit is Langenberg at 843 m. Although the weather wasn’t always very favorable, and quite a bit of time was spent indoors, I did manage to do some hiking, mostly along the northern section of the Rothaarsteig long-distance path:

  • Hike 1 (15.4 km): Ruhrquelle – Küstelberg – Hildberg – Grönebach – Ruhrquelle
  • Hike 2 (29 km): Hochheide – Langenberg – Bruchhausen – Langenberg – Hochheide – Clemensberg
  • Hike 3 (9.5 km): Hochheide – Clemensberg – Langenberg – Hochheide

Pictures > Germany 2016-12: Hochsauerland

I don’t know what 2017 will have in store, but of course I’m hoping for some challenging treks and other types of interesting outdoor (micro-)adventures …

Best Wishes to everyone and Happy Trails!





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The Scandinavia 2016 trilogy

The full reports of the 3 stretches of my Scandinavia trek in June 2016 have been uploaded:

I have started to use a stylish, more contemporary layout that I’m personally quite happy about, as it makes both pictures and text stand out better. The plan is to gradually move reports from previous treks into this new format as well. Let me know what you think.





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A gloomy early winter day on the High Fens

The second week of November brings some unexpected wintry weather to the high plateaus in the east of Belgium, with snow and ice above 600 m. I make a strenuous 29.3 km hike over slippery frozen duckboards, sluggish snow and muddy trails. The day is pretty gloomy, with only a tiny bit of sun towards the evening. Rather typical for the time of year.

Baraque Michel – Helle – Herzogenhügel – Spohrbach – Brackvenn – Nahtsief – Brackvenn – Miesbach – Pont Marie-Anne Libert – Helle – Baraque Michel

Pictures > Belgium 2016-11-12: High Fens