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Packrafting Sûre

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A couple of days after having paddled the river Our, I travel back to the east of Belgium for another river descent. This time, I have my eyes set on Sûre, a small river that marks the border between Belgium and Luxembourg, before it definitively flows into Luxembourg itself.

Weather-wise, the day is as good as one can possibly expect at the end of February, with brilliant sunshine and an expected high of no less than 16°C in this part of the country. I put in at the Im Wohr outdoor recreation area in Martelange at 10 am, and after a short stretch through a forested zone (where I already have to do my first carry around a fallen tree), I pass through the center of the town of Martelange. The latter section is not particularly nice, but fortunately it is only short. Soon after, I enter the wild, wooded valley of the river Sûre.

The descent is absolutely gorgeous, not only because of the weather, but also thanks to the varied nature of the river. There’s a quick succession of meanders, small rapids, dams, fallen trees and flat water zones. So, basically everything one can expect on a river in the Ardennes. In total, I paddle 5 dams and 3 times carry around a tree.

At the place where the river fully and definitively enters Luxembourg (after having received the waters of the Syrbach creek), I take out, even though it is possible to continue until Moulin de Bigonville or even the Sûre water reservoir. Reasons for taking out are partly that due to the corona situation we are officially not allowed to leave the country for non-essential travel, but more importantly because I still have to hike back all the way to Martelange.

I start the return hike at 1 pm, climb up to the plateau and have lunch in the rather remote village of Tintange. At 2 pm, I then take on the remainder of the hike, which takes me along the river and past the village of Grumelange. At 4 pm, I reach Martelange and spend some time exploring the nicely designed outdoor recreation area / portal zone of the Anlier forest reserve, before hitting the road back home.

Today, I paddled 14 km and hiked 12 km, amounting to a total of 26 km, which is by coincidence the same as on the Our trip.

(Flow: 3.81 m3/s)

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