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Trekking in Mountainous and Subarctic Regions

LLT: Polders of the River Scheldt

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The last hike of the year with the “Lustige Lochtingterters” (LLT) takes us to an interesting area of polders on the southern shores of the river Scheldt, just west of the busy international sea port of Antwerp.

We start in Emmadorp on Dutch soil, cross the border to Belgium and hike through Prosper polder. Prosper polder has been impoldered in 1846, but large parts of it are being returned to the tidal processes of the river. After lunch we again cross the border to the Netherlands and hike through Hedwige polder, which will be entirely unpoldered in the not too distant future, in order to compensate for recent extensions of the port of Antwerp. Finally, we reach the “Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe” (“Drowned Land of Saeftinghe”), which used to be a fertile polder from the 13th until the 16th century, but was taken back by the river through a series of floodings. Four villages and a castle hence disappeared from the face of the earth. The area is currently protected as a nature reserve and is actually quite unique as it is the largest brackish water tidal area in Europe.

Pictures > Belgium 2018-12-22: Scheldepolders












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