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Seeing off 2016 in Hochsauerland

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2016 has been a pretty intense year: I spent a total of 15 weeks abroad, for business and pleasure combined.

The year started with a business trip to Hørsholm (Denmark) in February, followed in April by a skiing holiday in Tignes (France) and a business trip to Girona (Spain). In May I made a short trek through the French Ardennes, and in June I subsequently went trekking through the Rogen (Sweden), Trollheimen (Norway) and Rondane (Norway) mountains. End of June I made a business trip to Aarhus (Denmark) and in July we had a family holiday in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. End of August I did the Hellismannaleið and Laugavegurinn treks in Iceland, and the entire month of September was spent in Quebec for business. In November / December I made another 2 business trips to Aarhus (Denmark), and finally, at the very end of December we had a short family holiday in Hochsauerland.

The region of Hochsauerland around the well-known wintersports resort of Winterberg is mostly made up of dark forests and gentle hills in the 700-800 m range. Highest summit is Langenberg at 843 m. Although the weather wasn’t always very favorable, and quite a bit of time was spent indoors, I did manage to do some hiking, mostly along the northern section of the Rothaarsteig long-distance path:

  • Hike 1 (15.4 km): Ruhrquelle – Küstelberg – Hildberg – Grönebach – Ruhrquelle
  • Hike 2 (29 km): Hochheide – Langenberg – Bruchhausen – Langenberg – Hochheide – Clemensberg
  • Hike 3 (9.5 km): Hochheide – Clemensberg – Langenberg – Hochheide

Pictures > Germany 2016-12: Hochsauerland

I don’t know what 2017 will have in store, but of course I’m hoping for some challenging treks and other types of interesting outdoor (micro-)adventures …

Best Wishes to everyone and Happy Trails!






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