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Trekking in Mountainous and Subarctic Regions

Quebec 2016: Jacques Cartier

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Many trips to the Quebec province and the city of Quebec itself, but never had I been to the Jacques Cartier provincial park, although it’s only a stone’s throw (i.e., some 50 km) north of downtown Quebec. So, on Saturday I finally decide to pay a visit to this 670 km2 park that is made up of densely forested hills, plateaus and deep river valleys.

A school bus shuttle takes me from the service center to the trail head of Les Loups, the park’s best known trail. Since one trail a day isn’t nearly enough, I afterwards also respectively take care of the La Matteucie, Le Draveur Sud, Les Cascades and Les Coulées trails. In all probably just over 30 km.

Pictures > Quebec 2016-09-17: Jacques Cartier







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