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Trekking in Mountainous and Subarctic Regions

Quebec 2016: La Mauricie

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On the first day of the Labour Day weekend I take my packraft to La Mauricie national park, which is about half way between Montreal and Quebec City. The park is situated in the Laurentian Mountains and consists of densely forested hills dotted with some 150 lakes. Obvious activities include canoeing, hiking and canoe-camping.

I opt to make the popular tour to Waber Falls (which I in fact already did in September 2003 and July 2006). I put in at the Wapizagonke parking, paddle across the 3rd and 4th basins of the Wapizagonke lake (and the creek in between), deflate the raft, put it in my backpack and hike the 4.5 km to the falls. Afterwards, I hike another 1.1 km to Lake Anticagamac and then 2.4 km back to Lake Wapizagonke. Finally, I put in again and paddle back to where my car is parked.

Pictures > Quebec 2016-09-03: La Mauricie





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