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Iceland 2016: Laugavegurinn

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The pictures of the second stretch of my 2016 Iceland trek have been uploaded. This stretch is the famous Laugavegurinn, one of the great treks of the world, which starts in Landmannalaugar and leads to Þórsmörk some 60 km further south. The variety of landscapes along Laugavegurinn is baffling. It includes hot spring areas, rhyolite mountains, glaciers, lava deserts, lakes, fast-flowing rivers and even a birch forest in the Þórsmörk area. This trek is a must-do for any self-respecting outdoor enthusiast, and has hence become very popular over the years.

Laugavegurinn is generally technically easy, although it does include 3 river crossings that not everybody may feel equally comfortable with. There’s also a bridged river crossing in a ravine that people with extreme fear of heights may dread.

Similarly to Hellismannaleið, all pictures were taken with a GoPro camera. The pictures of 1.5 cold but pleasantly sunny days spent in Reykjavik are also included in this set.

Landmannalaugar – Hrafntinnusker – Álftavatn – Hvanngil – Emstrur – Þórsmörk (Langidalur) – Reykjavik

Pictures > Iceland 2016-08: Laugavegurinn


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