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Norway 2016: Rondane

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The third and last part of June 2016’s Scandinavia experience took me back to Norway’s Rondane mountains, where I already had made treks in September 2014 and June 2015. This time I spent 5 days in the area, made up of two 2-day treks with a day of rest in between. On the 4 actual hiking days I did a total of 91 km. The day of rest fortunately coincided with the only rain episode of my entire 16-day journey!

On the first 2-day trek I climbed mount Veslesmeden, crossed the Rondehalsen pass, camped at Skranglehaugan and returned via the unmarked trail over the Storsmeden pass. The second 2-day trek took me to Bjørnhollia via Musvorddalen, and then back via Illmanndalen.

The first trek was a bit rough in places due to extensive patches of deep wet snow (in contrast to June 2015, no snowshoes required however) and a steep ascent and descent (over loose scree) of the Storsmeden pass. The second trek was generally easy.

I especially enjoyed my camp at Skranglehaugan, which is a relic of the last ice age that is very photogenic if conditions are good. I was lucky to find brilliant autumn colors here in September 2014, and also this time I was not let down. In the evening it was the mix of intense sun and dark clouds that created good photographic conditions. The next morning it were the crystal blue sky, and the reflection of mountain tops in the still lakes.

Spranget – Rondvassbu – Rondhalsen – Veslesmeden – Rondhalsen – Bergedalen – Skrangehaugan – Dørålseter – Dørålen – Langholet – Storsmeden pass – Kaldbekkbotn – Spranget – Musvorddalen – Bjørnhollia – Illmanndalen – Rondvassbu – Spranget

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