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Where Semois becomes Semoy

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A short 2.5 day – 45 km solo trek through the French Ardennes early May, along GR16 from Monthermé (F) to Bohan (B) and back.

Weather was splendid and the Semois river (spelled “Semoy” in France) was a sight for sore eyes. For the first time in my life I had the pleasure of spotting a wildcat, which shows how surprisingly quiet and unspoiled this area is.

Monthermé – Longue Roche – Roche à 7 Heures – Roc La Tour – Roche aux Corpias – Naux – Robertsart – Failloué – Bois Jean – Bohan – Bois Jean – Failloué – Robertsart – Naux – La Gire – La Lyre – Monthermé

Pictures > France 2016-05: Ardennes



One thought on “Where Semois becomes Semoy

  1. One of the most beautiful and unspoilt regions in the Ardennes ! Crossed the whole region from Givet to Monthermé and further to Bouillon with my Bush-friend Marc ” Binamo the Dynamo “.
    In the winter you can cross the Semois on foot with your backpack on your head.
    Keep on going Filip !


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