Filip H.A. Claeys

Trekking in Mountainous and Subarctic Regions

What a difference 500 m make !


Mid-March. On Saturday I mow the lawn for the first time this year under a blue sky and pleasant early-spring temperatures. On Sunday I take my youngest daughter on a 15.5 km hike circumventing the still entirely snowbound (20 to 30 cm in places) Fagne Wallonne.  The day starts bone-chillingly cold with strong winds blowing from the northeast and low clouds. However, around 10 am clouds quickly dissolve and brilliant sunshine installs itself across the High Fens.

Baraque Michel – Botrange – Haie de Souk – Fagne Wallone – La Béole – Pont Marie-Anne Libert – Helle – Baraque Michel

Pictures > Belgium 2016-03-13: High Fens



2 thoughts on “What a difference 500 m make !

  1. is Helena mee naar California misschien ?


  2. Helena houdt niet zo van dat hiking gedoe.


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