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Back from Norway & Sweden


Conversation at an outdoor outfitter in my hometown early June 2015:

  • Me: “Hi, I’m looking for a pair of showshoes”
  • Shop attendant: “Are you sure? This is hardly the season…”
  • Me: “Oh yes, I’m positive”
  • Shop attendant: “Alright then, I’ll see what we can do…”

Second and third week of June I am in Norway (and a bit of Sweden) enjoying a freak record-breaking early summer at higher elevations. Starting from 1,200 m there’s still about 1 m of snow east of the country, up to a staggering 15 m at specific locations (i.e. Folgefonn glacier) west.

First week of the trip I spend hiking and packrafting in the neighboring Femundsmarka (Norway) and Rogen (Sweden) national parks (at lower elevations, so snow is of no concern). Second week I then travel west and fully discover the indispensable nature of the newly purchased snowshoes up in the Jotunheimen and Rondane mountains.

As usual, a full trip report and picture gallery will follow.

Valdresflya (eastern Jotunheimen), mid-June 2015

Valdresflya (eastern Jotunheimen), mid-June 2015


2 thoughts on “Back from Norway & Sweden

  1. Dag Filip,

    door allerlei ben ik het laatste jaar niet meer met de lochtingterters meegeweest maar ik vind het altijd fijn te volgen wat jij allemaal doet en ik geniet van de prachtige foto’s, blijven sturen dus …. Alvast tot later een keertje! Groetje, M


  2. The conversation with the outdoor outfitter and the first picture makes me very curious about what’s following !


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